Four Bi-sexual Friends

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jay

This happened when we were all in our early thirties, after a party at my and my girlfriend's home. Our closest friends, a guy and his girlfriend, stayed to help us clean up, but we ended up talking and drinking some more wine instead. She was always my type, a tiny, gorgeous girl with a loud laugh and brilliant mind. I also liked the guy, he was one of my closest friends at the time, and quite handsome. While talking about some different stuff we suddenly, more or less at the same time, confessed that we were all kind of bisexual, but that none of us ever experimented with people of the same sex, but all of us wanted to. We laughed about it, but the air became electric. Surprisingly, no one got awkward, we just continued talking about it, not really suggesting that we should do it together, but just understanding that we wanted to. It was all so very natural, we just started playing and touching, the girls started kissing, so I started kissing the guy. After some 10 minutes of foreplay we were all naked and moved to our bedroom. In the bed, it was complete freedom. We somehow knew what everyone wanted to do, there was no awkwardness, just pure passion and fun. I ended up trying everything I ever wanted to, even got rimmed and fucked by the guy. We fooled around until sunrise, taking breaks to talk and drink wine, and then resuming the sexy stuff. We were all naked and felt so natural in each other's company. We were constantly touching, kissing different places, talking about fetishes (mostly feet and butts) and practicing them. Then we all fell asleep, hugging in one bed. Best night of my life. We sometimes see the couple, they are now married and we are too, and we sometimes have sex together for old times' sake.