food torture

A Sexual Fantasy

— By p-k-o

She tied me on a chair with my hands behind my back and my legs wide open. Him on the table, with his chest on it and his ass facing me. She starts peeling and shaping a ginger root, a carrot and a cucumber. She talks to us and she's smiling. She's hot. I always new she was a dirty perv -like us.

She puts a mint in her mouth and starts licking and biting my nipples. They're hard. I'm moaning. She takes some ice cube and rubs them around my breasts and presses them hard on my nipples. She twists my nipples roughly and then turns around, leaving me turned on, silently begging for more.

She goes to my boyfriend, playing with the ice cubes moving closer to his ass each time. He starts giggling and tells her to stop. She grabs an apple, puts it in his mouth and ties a band around his head. She spanks him hard and then slowly plugs the ginger in his ass. I'm ready to explode. Happy to see it's my turn. She rubs my pierced nipples with cinnamon oil and slaps them. A generous amount of chilli-sauce goes right on my clit. I'm on fire. She rubs my clit as she slides the carrot deep in my ass. I come hard right away. She gives me a sweet kiss, unties me and goes back to my boyfriend who is pointlessly trying to protest.

She unties the band oo his head, the apple falls off his mouth. He is drooling but he can't wipe it. Cute. He begs to unplug the ginger. She does. To soothe the burn, she starts fucking him with the tip of the cucumber, going deeper each time. I'm dripping and can't take my eyes off the cucumber stretching him and disappearing inside him. I can't hold my self, so I jump on his back and spread his cheeks until he screams. She fucks him hard. My clit is rubbing on his back, I'm about to come. I grip his ass harder and we explode together. I give him a hug and a kiss him on the neck.