A flight of fancy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Surreal1

I was traveling for a job interview and took two flights. I'd studied extensively for the job for weeks so was pretty twitchy. I took my seat by the window and in the aisle was a beautiful brunette. The middle seat was empty. We chatted and laughed for the whole 3 hour flight. Towards the end of the flight I started to fantasize about caressing her. In our connecting city we had to hop a flight, Portland to Seattle, and then would part ways. We changed our seats so we could chat etc. About 10min into the flight after the flight attendants went forward she rested her hand on my leg and it was electric. When we arrived I helped her get her bags and then missed my flight to Seattle. She was visiting a friend (Annie). We went out for lunch and met her friend Annie. After lunch they invited me back to Annie's apt. Annie was a painter and worked in print art. Kopa was a Dancer. We sat and had some bread and cheese and then wine. They left the kitchen and came back braless in tight tanks and yoga pants. Kopa began kissing Annie and my heart began to pound. They caressed each other and asked me to watch, so I did. Once disrobed Kopa told me to eat Annies pussy- I did. After covering my face in cum Kopa licked it off and I began to eat Kopa's asshole as Annie ate her pussy. Kopa came many times giggling often as she soaked Annies face. I licked it off Annie. After both women had multiple orgasms they took me to the bathroom, washed me, without touching my throbbing cock. They then tied me loosely to an armless chair. They sprayed my cock with something that numbed me a little. They then serviced their pussys multiple times. After what was the best hour of my life they asked what I wanted.