Flashback Foursome

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

She wakes up in a very tangled up bed, her body aching from what she had to endure that night. Her hair is sticky from the fluids squirted over it, her body cavities still losing body fluids that aren't hers... She goes to the bathroom, and takes a lengthy hot shower. After, she sits naked in front of the mirror, her long hair covered by a towel. And then, she remembers everything that happened last night, and in flashbacks we see what happened. She meets 3 men on an party, and dances with all 3 of them. A black guy, an asian and a tall, blond one. She flirts with all 3, and later ends up with them in an hotelroom. She is naked in front of them, and releases their eager cocks from their pants. Then, she blows them all, and later, she mounts the black guy. The asian guy starts playing with her butt, and wets it with his saliva. Shortly after he wets his small but beautiful cock with saliva, and enters her butthole. The 3rd guy is still in her mouth, waiting for his turn to fill one of the other holes... Then, they change places, until all of them enjoyed all her body cavities... She really enjoys this all, and has multiple orgasms during that night, enjoys the taste of their sperm, feels all her cavities being filled with it.
In front of the mirror she puts up some make-up, and walks into the other room. There, the men are waiting for her, naked, their cocks already erect, and they start all over again, this time in broad daylight, visible for anyone watching from the other side of the street...