A Sexual Fantasy

— By Finn Peaks

I'm a young(ish) mechanic boy working on a car in a workshop. There's grease covered tools and dirt around me. I'm wearing a typical blue overall and a white tanktop with boots. I'm under the car on one of these skateboards when a woman comes in to see the progress of the work on her car. It's officially past the opening hours of the shop and I'm the only worker there. The workshop's sliding door is half way open, that's how she got in unnoticed. She is dressed in elegant clothes, not posh, but tasteful. I'm still on the skateboard on the floor, startled by her sudden appearance. From the second she walks in, she makes me nervous. She looks down at me and I'm starting to sweat and stutter, mumbling something about the technical details of her car. It's obvious that she wants to have sex with me, the car is just a pretext. She fancies younger guys, she likes to dominate them, using them for her sexual pleasure. She makes me crawl on the floor and strip for her. She chains me to a pole to give me a beating. That's her kink. I have to show her how strong I am and that I can take it. In the end, after using my cock and mouth, she just leaves me there, sitting and wondering: did this really happen?