Finding that work life balance

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Loz

I work at a long daycare centre where I have become close with families. There is one family and the Mum and Dad are smoking hot, let's call them 'Ana and Ryan', every time I talk to Ryan I try not to get flustered, I try to keep our flirty chats innocent as they can be.

I have this fantasy... They invite me to their place to babysit their kids while they go out for dinner and a couple of drinks. Once they get home, the kids are asleep. I am about to leave when Ryan asks me to stay for a drink, I accept. Ana and Ryan glance at each other and smile. The lights have been dimmed and Ana and Ryan begin to kiss in front of me, I start to feel tingling all over my body, feeling shy inside but wanting to appear confident. They break their kiss and turn to me. Ana walks over to me, takes my drink and places it on the counter, she lightly brushes my hair behind my shoulder, leaning in to kiss me. I glance at Ryan who is looking at me with hungry eyes, making my insides ache. They lead me to their bedroom, where they both begin to slowly undress me, kissing my shoulders, neck, back, appreciating every inch of my body. My skin prickles at their touch, I can't wait to feel more...