A Sexual Fantasy

— By Vyxen

It was a fresh friday night in the summer and a real cool police man was waiting for me in a pub near the place I worked in.
"Just a beer or a kiss if I'm lucky" he thought.
He couldn't imagine about my weird, romantic fantasy...
I have the key of a secret and silent place near that pub he was waiting for me in.
So I prepared everything... Mattress and soft carpet, pillows, a lot of candles around and everywhere on the floor, on the desk, and the music too, jazz and Arabian belly dance music, soft and sensual like the atmosphere.
When all was ready, I sent a message...
"Find me....".
He was crazy for me and he followed my directions.
I saw him from the window outside while he was walking to the building I was in.
"Now come in, go upstairs and follow the music in the darkness...and then you'll find the right'll find me...".
Control the game and him, a real sexy man of law... very exciting.
I heard his footsteps and I was thrilled.
The door opened. He watched me waiting for him sitting provocatively on the desk.
He approched me "All for me....I think it's a dream...."
And then he kissed me, licked me everywhere, embrace me, press my back and my body to his own, my thigs open, my high heels tight on his ass.
After he took me in his arm and pull down on the mattress on the floor. He drank me and I drank him, he took me in every way, in every position.
"You are mine..." He said.
It seemed we had always known each others hidden desires