Fill Me Up

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anina

I like to feel all my holes filled up. My mouth, my pussy, my ass. My playpartner likes to fill me up, with his fingers, his tongue, his cock and my toys. Once I waited for him naked on my knees, my back towards him, I suddenly noticed his breath close to my ears: "all your holes are my property tonight, I will fill them all, one by one". "Yes sir" I said, and he started pulling my hair while putting his fingers into my mouth, playing with my lips. Then he put my ass plug into my mouth. Strong and deep. After making it wet with my own saliva he filled up my ass with the toy. I closed my eyes and felt the pleasure. Felt my strong breath. After a while he came back and requested me to open my mouth, his hard dick entered my mouth. I opened my eyes and saw a ball gag in his hand. "I said, all your holes belong to me". "Yes sir" and he wrapped the belt around my neck. He pushed my face towards the bed, pulled my ass towards his body and fucked me from behind in my pussy. I felt the balls of the dildo moving in my ass. He enjoyed my tight pussy and felt the moving balls of my dildo on his cock. We came strong, we came together.