Feminist Turnabout

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sweettongue

The sketch of the story is as follows and is somewhat of an homage to Secretary. I see a heterosexual couple who have been together for many years and are slowly loosing interest in each other. They previously engaged in BDSM activities with him as the top but in an attempt to relight the fires the male suggests they switch roles as it is clear she no longer wants to be the bottom: and he discovers it is the power play he desires, not necessarily the Top role. Their journey starts with some halfhearted spanking and bondage, but over time works its way up to Femdom workshops, flogging, pegging, chastity, public CFNM in a club and a weekend at Forte Femme. The key to this story is that the characters are a loving couple. There is no humiliation or if there is, it is playful. There is mostly loving consent and exploration of previously limits gender roles.