Female sexual desire in Victorian England, Revisited

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sexykinkybeauty

In Victorian England, women are often described as suffering from "hysteria", sexual frustration; doctors and their interns are kept busy providing married women with clitoral stimulation and sexual pleasure.

And the men need to be restrained from self-pleasuring, a practice considered to be harmful and to lower male sexual power; male chastity is common for teenage boys and married men.

Women's "hysteria" (their sexual desire) is insatiable. They are requesting more sexual massages and stimulation from their doctors. But doctors are expensive and busy with other patients, and their interns are normally called to provide these services. There are a lot of young, single men learning the trade because now we have a new profession of sexual healers, doctor’s interns who specialize in female desire and women’s sexuality.

There are almost as many women who have quietly become interns. And in general, lesbian encounters behind closed doors are prevalent, but ignored in polite society.

Upper class women may be able to afford many visits from doctor’s interns, but most women couldn’t. So women’s masturbation is universally practiced, and doctors are prescribing vibrators or dildos to many women. Male masturbation is rarely seen or even talked about, but it definitely happens.

Most husbands are kept in chastity, and many wives keep the key to the lock. So married men are very attentive to women’s needs and their sexual pleasure. Cunnilingus is a common practice for husbands. Oral sex for men is taboo, but blow jobs are often carried out secretly.

The wives have sexual control. Husbands are locked up, teased, played with, toyed with, and unlocked for sex.

There are small groups of women who meet often and discuss marriages, male chastity and sexual pleasure. The female-led relationship happens behind closed doors, but the lifestyle is an open secret. The marriages of Victorian England are a kinky combination of male chastity, female sexual pleasure, lesbianism, cuckolding, masturbation, dildos, and vibrators.