Female drill-sargeant

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Imagine a female drill-sergeant, dressed up in a fake, sexy military uniform. She's drilling a dozen of masculine recruits, helped by two even more sexy corporals. They let them march naked, do all kinds of physical exercises. Soon it all goes out of hand, a dozen horny men are difficult to control! The three women are impressed by their manhood, and decide to measure them up and put them in the correct order, smaller to bigger cocks. Then they start playing with them, testing the strength of their erections with their hands and mouth. Then, the girls can't stop anymore, rip off their uniforms, and let them be had by all these handsome men. They perform all kinds of sexual acts with all 12 men, no hole is spared! In the end, we see a big pile-up of worn-out men, with the three women standing over them, victorious...