A Feather Tease

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lacey C

Daniel and I had been dating around 8 months, we always had fantastic sex, but both wanted to try something new. So I thought a little tease and denial game would be fun.

So one afternoon we were kissing, and obviously he wanted sex, this time though after we had stripped and fondled and some cute kissing, I went to my 'magic box' and got some handcuffs. He assumed I wanted to be tied up, but no, I put his hands being his back a cuffed them in place. I went back to my box and brought over a beautiful white feather around 8" in length.

I slowly and gently traced the feather over his balls and tickling his taint. His cock grew rapidly as the feather started climbing up his shaft to his head. I moved the very tip of the feather over the base of his head, which made his whole body jerk. He was clearly very ticklish!

I started to move the feather over his little pee hole, using the feather like the most delicate of paint brushes, before moving it in circular motions over his head and back down his shaft. I could feel his cock twitching as if he was going to cum. I stopped what I was doing, and started to use the feather on his nipples, letting him get control back in his cock but still arousing him.

The feather then slowly went down his body back to his rock hard throbbing cock. Flicking underneath the head, the most sensitive part, he was trying to pull away, so I had to grab the base of his cock in one hand use the feather in the other.

Once I had tormented him enough, I thought he deserved to cum. I licked his shaft from balls to the tip. Slowly and purposely licking his head whilst staring up at him. Making a very conscious decision not once to suck his cock. Once I felt his cock has a decent amount of saliva on it, I begin jerking it hard with my right hand and using the feather on the base of his head with my left.

As soon as I heard that familiar grunting noise I knew he was going to cum. I took my hand off and finished him using only the feather, letting him cum all over my boobs.