Exposed - I like to be watched

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Expo-playtime

My fantasy is to go to a BDSM /sex club with my partner and have him undress me/touch me in front of an audience in the dance/bar section on a coach/booth/table. First kissing and slowly revealing more of my body, looking around to see if people are watching. Looking around for approval as people nod, smile and come a little closer. He keeps going, takes off my panties and then fingers me while others begin to find this very hot and start to crowd around to watch, as they get more aroused. Some of the people watching may start to do similar things themselves, but all eyes are on me the entire time. Then my partner starts licking me in front of everyone and the crowd starts to get verbal and tell him to keep going. They ask me if I like it and what I like and I tell them I like it when he licks my wet pussy and then fingers me at the same time, and that I get so hot from being watched. Then I ask them if they like to watch and they say yes and encourage us to please keep going. Some of the men ask to come up and they start to touch my nipples and body. They pull my hair slightly and choke me softly. They put their fingers in my mouth for them to suck, then I climax. They ask me if I want to kneel and take out my partner's cock and give him a blowjob as he and some of the men and/or women start to play with me. They tell me what to do and my partner loves it and moans loudly. Some of the people around start to get louder and say dirty things to us. They tell him what they want him to do to me, and what they want me to do to him. It makes me horny to think about how they look at me and how everyone is excited and wants to fuck me as well. The crowd starts to touch each other more and people start sucking each other off and having sex in front of me while still having their eyes on me and telling me that I’m the reason they are getting so hard/wet and that I should keep going and that they will come if I do. Some of the men around want to come on my body and one of them wants to put their cock in my mouth as I get fucked from behind. They say things like: “You like being watched don’t you?”,  "Your pussy is so beautiful.” and “Touch yourself for us baby.” Some of the men come on my body and then when I climax, my partner does too. They then thank us warmly for our show and we enjoy relaxing while the club keeps going.