Exorcising High School Demons

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MAXXX87

It is the wedding night of Sarah and Joe Polk. They are deeply in love. They have dated for a couple years but never had sex. He was great at foreplay and oral but he never felt comfortable being naked in front of her.

They get in the bridal suite. Before Sarah goes into the shower she says to Joe. "Get ready for me, when I come back, your cherry is mine.

She comes out of the shower but Joe is still in his tux. He didn't even undress. Sarah is quite annoyed but finds Joe in a terrible state. Almost near a full blown panic attack. Her love for Joe overcomes her annoyance and asks Joe what is wrong.

He tells her about when he was a junior in high school and invited to the cheerleader's house while her parents were away. How she utterly humiliated him. How she asked him to "get" ready for her while she took a shower. And how she came out 5 minutes later with a video camera to catch him in all his nakedness. She threatened to put the video unless he paid her and did all her homework.

They did not have sex that night. The following day she was walking down the street and saw a costume shop. She saw a cheerleader outfit. She went inside. Tried it on and it fit like a glove.

She went back to the hotel room dressed as his high school tormentor. Gave him a card that said "I am her tonight. You have pictures of her having sex with her professor. Do with me what you will. Safe word is Ice Cream."

She acts bitchy and he starts to tell her that he is now in control. He demands that she gives him her panties slowly. He berates her and has her slowly undress. She begs him not to. But he is having none of that. He demands that she admits that she is a slut who uses people for her own amusement and who deserves to be humiliated. Many more degradations

It culminated in him getting her to blow him, he comes on her face. Then tells her to get out without cleaning her face. She asks "why don't you fuck me?" He says he wants his first to be with someone he loves.

And finally, they make love.