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A Sexual Fantasy

— By ulken65

My wife had been to a sex toy home party at one of her girlfriends. The girlfriend who hosted the party was also the one who received all the sex toys that were ordered. A few days later she called my wife and invited us to come by and pick up the toys my wife had ordered.
We arrived to the house and sat on the couch. My wife's girlfriend brought a large box with everyone's orders, and said she was so curious that she couldn't help but opening the boxes and exploring all the toys. She admitted that she had tried some of them, too.
But then she turned to my wife and said 'now it's your turn to try it out'. She took a medium sized vibrator from the box and started moving it around my wife's neck and further down around her cleavage. My wife looked at me with a questioning glance, and I answered with a dirty smile.
Then the show started and my wife's clothes fell one piece at a time as her girlfriend needed more skin to touch with the vibrator. She used both her tongue and the vibrator on my wife's nipples and clit. She got a very wet orgasm while her girlfriend licked her clit and penetrated her with the vibrator.

Afterwards my wife started doing some of the same stuff to her girlfriend, but now the vibrator was soaking wet because of her pussy juice. So after she had touched her girlfriends nipples with the wet vibrator she asked me to taste her pussy juice on the girlfriends nipples. Of course I couldn't resist to that so I started licking her nipples and breasts while my wife moved further down only to discover that her girlfriend already had a vibrator up that both stimulated her clit and her pussy. My wife cranked this vibrator up to it's maximum and filled her girlfriends pussy with two fingers, plus the vibrator. That and me stimulating her nipples made her climax in a very wet and long orgasm.

Afterwards we started trying all the other toys in the box, stuff like, vibrators, double dildos, penis sleeves, but plugs, and the even tried a strap-on on me while we kept playing.