Every visitor takes time to play with my body

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Honey155

I fantasize about being the entrance exhibit at a huge sex party. I lie on a table naked and bound at my wrists. Tons of people are arriving for the party. When I lift my head, I can see them at the coat check. They come in fully dressed, in costumes or totally naked below their coats. They walk past me as all the action is happening behind me, I am only a teaser for what is coming in the main room. I have no idea what is going on there, I only can hear more and more sounds coming from somewhere behind me, the volume is rising. Nevertheless, everyone coming in takes the time to play a bit with me, twisting my nipples, licking or fingering my cunt and ass, to get in the mood. One person pushes a banana from the luscious fruit bowl at the entrance into my ass, one turns me to the side to slap my ass, play gets rough. The cloak room attendant keeps watching. When the buzz of arrival is over, he comes over. He fucks my ass with the banana, takes it out, peels it, pushes it into my cunt and then pounds my ass until we both come. Afterwards, he feeds me the banana and walks away.