A Sexual Fantasy

— By NBRiddim

We met via some sort of dating app, coincidentally, becasue we were both new to the app. From there it was the almost cliché kind of hook up, but it turned into a short hot period of experimental sex.

I don't recall the exact sequence, but I do remember the first time we met we went to the dunes next to the sea where we took a walk. Every now and then she would take out my cock and suck me in some dune pan or under a tree, untill we found a perfect spot where we fucked.
We met every two weeks or so and in between we kept in contact through texting. She used to send me small video's off her peeing on a chair or inserting strange objects into her pussy (like a deodorant can) or putting toothpaste on her clit for masturbation.

It was on a summer day that we met in Amsterdam. She gave me a blow job on the lingery department of a large department store. From there we walked to the red light district where we shopped for sex toys. We bought a flogger and a vibrator. There are plenty of gay cinema's in the red light district and we decided to visit one. She gave me a blowjob again in one of the dark halls between some cinema rooms and at least 5 but maybe as much as 10 men were watching us.

The hotels were the best. It was in the hotel rooms where she would tie me up to the bed or put a collar on and dominate me. She would sit on my face and let me eat her until she'd repeatetly came and then lick my face off. Sometimes, when we needed to take a brake we would sit naked on the balcony, while cars came by in the streets. All they had to do was look up to see us.

We even went to some kind of erotic convention or fare. There was a cinema that was open for couples only and there she stood before me while I sat in a chair and licked her ass for the firts time. Other people were watching us again. There was also a large space that was used as a club. We laid down on a round bed and started to have sex when another couple joined us. It was surprisingly hot to have sex with total strangers.