The (Ultimate) Escape Room Challenge

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Here in the Netherlands they are a very popular time-pass: Escape room challenges. You get locked up with a group of people and has to crack a difficult code to get out again. But in this fantasy the challenge is a bit different... Erotic... Arousing... In this escape room challenge you win points by having sex in as many different positions you can manage, with as much people you feel comfortable with! We see this group of 8 young people taking up the challenge! They get orders at first through a PA system to start off the challenge, like: undress each other, lick or suck each others' genitals, etc! Soon the group of people take matters in their own hands... All imaginable positions are tried out, and even some new ones invented! All combinations go, Gg, Bb, Bg, trio's quartettes... no hole's barred, love and lust are the keys to escape! Soon the room is filled with the grunts, moans, shouts and shrieks that go witb a good orgy! When they all are sexually fulfilled and exhausted, the hear the loud CLICK! of the lock that is unbolted. But they are in no haste to get out... Maybe go for a second round?