Erotic dream

A Sexual Fantasy

— By alexdiostia

Lisa comes back home after a long working day. She's exhausted, throws her suitcase away and jumps on her bed, laying on the back, arms and legs wide open. She almost immediately falls asleep. When she opens her eyelids, she is completely naked on a bed, in the same position as before. But the room is bigger and there is no furniture at all. Four women are very softly cleaning her, one per arm and leg, each with a kind of big sponge, getting water from small buckets on their side. The air is wet. The girls wear only ample white tuniques hardly covering their body parts. When they are done, they stand up at the same time and while they leave the room, another woman with lots of tattoos comes in, holding a muscle man from a leash. She brings him to Lisa and the man starts licking her from one foot, and slowly upwards. When he reaches her pussy he starts licking her thirstily. Lisa can't contain herself.

After a while, she wakes up in her own bedroom, still in the same position, feeling strange but surprisingly well.