English Education

A Sexual Fantasy

— By RobyXC

She was a beautiful woman, tall, somewhat in her early forties. I was mesmerized by her. Unfortunately she was teaching an English Grammar course which was very hard and I was constantly failing.

I fantasized that she would invite me to her office to talk about my situation and to hand me a letter. She said that I should open the letter only when I'm home. In the letter I would find an invitation to her house for the weekend and if I want my ''problem'' to get easier I should accept it. As the day comes I follow her instructions and I go to her house exactly at the time she demanded. I find the front door open and I enter. There is no one there as I enter the living room. On the coffee table is another letter and a BDSM collar next to it. The letter says I have two options: turn around and leave or if I want to pass the exam I will take my clothes off, put on the collar and wait on my knees for her and her husband to take me in their dungeon and use me as their slave.

Needles to say I passed.