Ecstasy Awakening

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ccienfu

I'm at a rave with my boyfriend. We had ecstasy pills and are enjoying our selfs through a lot of kisses and great electronic music. I'm the sexiest girl for him but my attention is somewhere else. I'm looking at a gorgeous blonde across the dance floor. She looks back at me. I think she likes me but I've never been with a woman before so I'm not sure about what I'm feeling. I intentionally kiss my boyfriend and look at her again. She's still looking at me and I notice she's looking at my boyfriend too. I'm nervous and high. I tell my boyfriend to check her out but he's shy and doesn't understand what's going on. I ask him if he'd like to have a threesome with her and me. He laughs, we've never done something like that, but he's intrigued because he knows I always wanted to watch him fuck someone else. He asks me if I'm sure, I tell him I don't know, but that it just feels right, I want to try it. Of one thing I'm sure: I want him to approach her first, I want to see them kiss and then I'll know. She's still across the dance floor looking at me. My boyfriend approaches her and I'm able to watch the whole scene through psychedelic lights; now they're both looking at me. I feel sexier than ever and already wet. Then, they start kissing and I know they're enjoying it. They look at me again and I know it, I'm desperate for it to happen. They walk through the crowd towards me and she kisses me without saying a word. I feel a woman's lip for the first time in my life, I enjoy the softness of it and the wetness continues. Then my boyfriend grab us both and says we should take the party somewhere else... We head to his apartment. I'm still confused but luckily they start without me. I watch them get to know each other while I touch myself. She then looks at me, eating me up with her eyes, and holds my hand, pulls me to the bed side and kisses my naked belly, going down. In the meantime, my boyfriend licks my nipples and the real ecstasy starts...