Dream Cum True

A Sexual Fantasy

— By umemulo

I'm blindfolded and tied to the bed, my wife's playing with my penis. She forces me to turn onto my stomach. Suddenly, I feel something on my butt... she caresses it with her fingers and then I feel her inside me. She is penetrating me with her vibrator. While fucking me, she caresses my penis but doesn't allow me to cum. She gets to climax first. After a short break, she turns me back on my back and rides my penis.
It doesn't take long for me to fill her with my cum. She gets off and comes over to straddle my face, our juices dripping into my mouth. I lick her to another climax... instead hearing her scream, I hear her saying "everything okay, sweetheart?". I realize it was only a dream. I want to move my arms, but I can't - I'm tied to the bed and I can see her with a blindfold in her hands, along with her a vibrator....