Don't You Love Our Little Games?

A Sexual Fantasy


Zenith: After 20 years of marriage we decided to make our relationship a little more spicy and exciting, both of us finding something new every day to start enjoying to the fullest. Mike had an intriguing idea to "call" for sex with three random repeated sounds of any kind. He said, “Whenever you have the desire, just make three sounds together and every time you do that, I will respond and participate. And the same goes for you as well. It could be a real encounter, a virtual session or anything and can be of any shape. Please remember, the moment either of us initiate it, we need to push all of our other engagements and get involved with our hearts and souls”.

Mike: That day, while having our breakfast, you plonked the milk glass in front of me, then took it away and plonked in front of yourself and then again me. Don’t you know how much I love to drink milk? Quite naughty you are... but thank god you could finish your breakfast in time and were able to rush to work after our little game as you had an important meeting.

Zenith: And You? The other day night, when I was peeing, there was a power blackout... it was completely dark and silent... I could even hear my breathing... and you were in a hurry to shave... Without sensing anything, you just pushed at the open door and came inside and suddenly the power got restored and lights were on... Don’t you know I don’t lock the door from inside when we are alone at home? I had to stop my pee and you just lifted me to your shoulder and headed to our bedroom. It was so relaxing.