The Ballroom Dance Group

A Sexual Fantasy

— By cherrydoll00

So, I'm in this Ballroom Dance group at my college and something I didn't know until recently was that more than a few of the guys are into dominating. At the time, I was practically a virgin, hell I hadn't even ventured out of missionary. It wasn't until a drunken accident that I realized dominating (choking particularly) turned me into an absolute animal. A bunch of us had decided to hang out and after a long night of dancing you tend to get a little hot. We are all dancers PLUS during showtime we all share one big dressing room. Needless to say a few of us started undressing, I was teasing one of the guys in the group over how much he hates his middle name and suddenly he was on top of me with his hand on my neck. Note: I had had a particularly large crush on this one for awhile now, and that cocky bastard knew it. He was a little surprised at himself for moving so quickly and almost got off me...until he saw the look in my eyes. Then I said his middle name again. Something came over me and all I wanted him to do was put me in my place. He started using this deep whisper saying "you know I don't like that name." I made to kiss him, and he held my neck down saying I'd have to earn it. I could hear people around us, some of them shuffled into another room and others stuck around. I think they were confused as to what was happening. I was NOT the exhibitionist type. As opposed to the boy on top of me, he was a bit of a slut. This back and forth goes on between us for a little bit longer and as it does, he's undressing me. This is about the part I start getting a little rabid. I try to pull his boxers down so he switches to holding my hands down. He tells me I can kiss him if I keep still so I stop fighting. I can't remember if everyone had left by the time we started fucking, but I really hope they were gone. I may have gotten a little...loud. It was the most exciting sex I had ever had, but unfortunately won't happen again with him.