Do you know what I want?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By papayas_and_cream

I want someone to bring me home and chain me to the ceilings so my arms are pulled up above me. I want them to watch me struggle against the cuffs and gaze at me with longing and lust as they burn the image of my heaving body into their memory. I want them to strip me. Slowly. Tracing their fingers along my skin each time they remove another piece of fabric, leaving burning sensations tingling on my skin at each touch. I want them to kiss me. No, I want them to hunger for me. I want them to intertwine their tongue with mine as if I were their last meal, grinding their body against me, creating more friction and desire between the two of us. I want them to run their hands all over my body, grabbing, groping, and rubbing at each mound, curve, and corner. I want them to slide their fingers against my slit, then press into my core as my legs go weak and I struggle to stand. I want to ride their sensational fingers until I'm begging for release, and then I want them to stick their head face right where their fingers used to be, and drink my nectar leaking from my insides. I want you to ravage me, utterly destroy me, then make me beg for more. I want to erupt into a ball of fuzz and nerves, while they moan close into my ear as I clench down on their head. I want to be breathless, shaking, and delirious, gasping for air and falling to my feet as soon as I'm unbound from your reach. I want to be dominated. I want... you.