My displayed wife

A Sexual Fantasy

— By erneuerung

Having found your work has dramatically changed the way I see porn. Up to now I had watched some mainly as jerk-off material. Your films are so much different. I would love to watch them together with my wife.

My wife - we are married for almost 20 years now - is also subject to my confession. We are quite a normal couple, having normal everyday sex. In the last years it became less and less. So I started to seek out pornographic material on the net and masturbate over it. But it doesn't make me happy. What really turns me on are the dreams I have about my wife. Allmost all of them involve her being naked in front of an audience. Sometimes the audience is visible, sometimes not. I will give one example now and maybe come back and confess another one soon.

In this dream I am in a large room of some old mansion. A huge fireplace with a crackling fire dominates one end. The Walls are panelled with dark wood to chest height and clothed with red silk above that. I know I must not be there. When the door at one end creeks open, I rush to hide behind a potted plant near the fireplace. A couple of men in dinner suits enter the room, merrily chatting and obviously waiting for something.

A few moments later a butler guides a woman into the room. It's my wife! She is dressed in a flowing robe but with naked soles an she is wearing a black silky blindfold.

The butler leads her to the fireplace and leaves her standing there. I can see her shiver despite the warmth of the fire. Now one of the men approaches her and, in a swift movement, takes off her robe. Underneath she is completely naked and totally shaved (which she would never do in reality). The men start walking around her, occasionally touching her, stroking her skin. She remains motionless until one man whispers something into her ear. As if it was a command, she moves her feet to stand at double shoulder-width. The next command makes her lay her hands at the back of her head. More commands lead her to change positions in various ways, making her display herself more and more indecent.