The Disabled Submissive

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ania

Some time ago I met an interesting man, an erotic stories author, he is an adult, but looks like a fragile teenager. He's in a wheelchair, although all limbs have some degree of efficiency. His clumsy movements result from the cerebral palsy. He has something, maybe it's a matter of rich imagination and a big sexual appetite, or maybe it's more my twisted psyche, but the game we're playing involves me more and more.

As a dominant person, I fantasize about making him submissive, putting on a dog-collar and penetrating his virgin ass. He has a weakness for red underwear and masturbating women, which I will gladly use to my advantage...I imagine that he is waiting naked in a hotel room, he is not able to kneel, so I do not demand it, but he must try to look humble. I enter tapping red high-heels, I gaze him, tie his arms. I find a comfortable place, maybe in a deep armchair, and slowly, through my clothes, I start to masturbate. I want him to go crazy with lust, begging for the opportunity to touch me, or at least to touch himself, to crawl up to my feet, licking them. Just like later he will lick my ass... eat my pussy... I want to fuck on the wheelchair, I want to check how long he settles on his rachitic legs, taking me from behind, but before that happens I want to bring him to a state in which he ejaculates involuntarily, from the slightest touch... my foot in red high-heel shoe…