Dirty Business

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mochi23

My fuck buddy who lives half a world away is a year younger and he's a fresh grad, junior level in the same profession as I am. I recently resigned, as a senior level designer and I'm starting out as a freelancer. Due to him not having found a job, and me working from home, we often spend time chatting about work related stuff these days, he even consulted me about his portfolio and my review was it could use more projects to display. Meanwhile, my projects are overloading and I haven't found a junior assistant yet. So, one night after our Skype-sex it just crossed my mind, and I asked whether he'd be willing to assist me with my projects to kill his boredom due to being unemployed, but since I couldn't afford to pay him with the rates of his country, I can only let him use them freely in his portfolio. He asked if there could be any other "remuneration" with a really naughty grin. I can't believe I said yes. So, starting today I'll give him directions in our projects, and as a reward, he get to give me directions to do whatever he likes to him or to myself. it's a terrible idea for business, but what the hell, I enjoy stripping down and following his commands...