Dinner for four

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I carefully laid the table for four. This was the moment of truth. I had invited all three of my lovers. Would they accept the fact that they have to share me, or will I be lonely at the end of this evening? That night, I wore a dress with nothing underneath. When they arrived, they were all surprised to see each other, unaware of each other's existence until now. I cleared my throat, and explained why they were there that night. I loved them all, for various reasons, and I could not think of a life without them. But I was tired of the secrecy. To my relief, after long conversations, they accepted it, and soon we had a very pleasant dinner. After the main course, one of them started kissing and fondling me, and soon I felt 6 hands caressing my body. Soon we were all naked, and I felt fingers entering me from all angles. The next thing I know, I have three hard cocks in front of my mouth. Covered in my saliva, two of them started playing with each other, and I begin riding the third. All of our love-making flowed into a rhythm, with body parts slipping in and out of each other. At some points I had two or what felt like three of them inside me, but I was so high on the ecstacy that it was impossible to tell. At this point, feeling that I was being touched and fucked by three different men, I began to come as loudly as I ever had. The sounds of my moans seemed to set them all off, and we collapsed into a heap, deliciously synchronised. This is what I always wanted, orgasms for dessert, with ME as the main course...