We played like devils in the dark

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ark9

It was mostly in the dark.


Even now, I remember everything - gazing up at the silhouette of his well defined body as I lay before him in the moonlight, the heat of his skin pressed against mine as he hungrily bit on my lips, and the fervour, the lust and the rapture. It was all so very passionate.


We had met several times before this encounter but never like this. On the walk to his house, I knew I had wanted him, but never dared to question how badly he had wanted me. In his room, the air was thick with anticipation... and a little fear. The only light in the room came from the partially bent blinds that cast the moon down on us, to do what only lovers can do in the night.


It was innocent at first. I shared his bed with him and pretended not to be burning on the inside... but I think he felt it. We talked idly until he brushed a finger on my cheek lightly and our mouths did as our bodies wanted to do. Eventually the bite came and I lit on fire, as did he.


We moved to his floor and after removing our clothes we played devils in the dark and explored each other with nails, lips, breath and skin - until he told me he wanted me to tie him up. I was already burning, why not?


In the shadows he opened his closet and looked for something I could tie, but I found something faster... A belt hooked on the side of the door. I strapped it around his hands and pulled it through the clothing bar in his closet which hoisted up his arms slightly to make believe that he was mine.


I spent a good few minutes allowing myself to touch him without any reciprocation on his part. My hands and lips went the length of his neck, his chest and abs, and lower... until I let him go.


We moved to the floor again and I gave myself to him. He mounted me and I felt the yearning need he had as he grasped my breasts from behind, then my hips - and he worked himself to a climax within me.


I go back to that night sometimes, and in my mind, he was mine.