A Sexual Fantasy

— By Juniper2015

I just watched a movie recently entitled: Faults. It's about a woman who is a part of a cult and she gets taken by a professional "deprogrammer" who was hired by her family. The film is more complex than my fantasy is, but the power dynamic between the man and the woman is really erotic to me. It's very intimate and sexually charged from the beginning.

In my naughty version, it unfolds like a sexual cat and mouse game. The man (who is supposed to be purely professional) finds himself turned on by the woman despite himself. The woman teases him, hoping her sexuality can get her out of captivity. He firmly denies her. He lets her know he is in control. He seduces her by forcefully taking her; she's shy at first, then submits fully. At first he fucks her forcefully, but then it becomes more intimate as they fall into a passionate rhythm. They look deeply inside one another as they rock together toward ecstasy. They finally fall asleep in each others arms - sweaty and exhausted. The following morning the man declares the woman is ready to go back to her family. He kisses her deeply, penetrating her with his eyes a final time before releasing her.