Delayed gratification

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SweetNonsense

She is lying in front of me, the cheeks of her perfect arse are spread bare, as I slowly ease myself between her lips. I’m driving slow, desperate for control, despite the fact that she has just climaxed, her rings of muscle tightening around me to the rhythm of my stroke. But I’m holding on, I’m desperate for the reward of my control.
She turns her head to the side, a smile at the corner of her mouth as she starts to speak
“Imagine we are on a beach, in the dunes, the sun beating down on our bodies as you take me. My pussy is just soaked with lust as you push into me”
She knows she has me, my breath catches.
“Now imagine we are not alone, imagine there are people watching us, slowly stroking themselves through their cloths as the watch you take me from behind. They love the look of us, they are eager, and they are getting bolder as they watch. One couple are kissing passionately, sitting just feet away from us, she is slipping her hand into his shorts”.
This is what I wanted, what I held back for, to hear her desires, but now I’m struggling, I want to hear more, but I want the release.
“Her bikini has slipped to the side to make way for two thick muscled fingers, his cock is now free. I’m watching it twitch as eagerly as you watch her spread for him”.
My own cock is now pulsing, I feel that tightening at the base of my balls as I desperately try to hold on.
“Now the girl sees my greedy eyes watching her mans erection, nervously she nods, guiding him towards me. I look back at you as his member inches closer”
She looks back at me over her shoulder, her smile has gone now, her lips are pursed in an inviting Oh, I nod.
“His cock slips into my mouth, my lips eagerly suckling, then he is at the back of my throat, eagerly pushing into my gaping mouth, whilst you fill me from behind”…