Deep sleep

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Conil

Three years after becoming parents, my wife and I were finally able to go out to dinner alone. For such a long-awaited occasion, we chose a beautiful and solitary restaurant by the sea, taking advantage of the appointment to wear some recently purchased summer clothes. Specifically, my wife chose a beautiful long dress with a flower print, with thin straps on the shoulders that invited to be worn without a bra. So the night passed, between glasses of wine, laughter and glances at her marked nipples under the fine fabric. When starting the return home, my wife, upon reaching the parking lot and animated by the emotion of the moment, felt the need for the sea breeze to caress her sensitive breasts without intermediary. Once we were seated inside the car, he fastened his seat belt on his naked torso and told me to drive off. Our house was not far away but I needed to prolong such a morbid situation, so I decided to take a short detour through our urbanization, crossing paths with different vehicles and pedestrians. When we got to the garage at home, I couldn't help caressing and sucking her nipples... the thing was there and defeated by the long day and an accumulation of overflowing emotions, we went to sleep. The fact is that my mind searched for a way to connect in dreams with the experience lived and after closing my eyes, I found myself back inside the car. Now we were standing next to a lamp whose dim orange light allowed us to distinguish several passers-by around us. Men and women who, with their faces hidden by masks, come to watch us while I caress my wife's naked breasts. Being watched by strangers increases our level of excitement so we completely take off our clothes and start masturbating each other. The windows are down, a circumstance that is used by some of the spectators to bring their hands closer with the intention of enjoying our bodies. We feel how they caress us, how they play with their fingers in our orifices and how they try to guide our sexual action in one direction or another. Some of the anonymous voyeurs have sex with each other leaning against our car and while others unload the fruit of their onanist orgasm on our bodies.