Dear masseuse...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By goodwin

I've sent 5 emails to massage services for my wife. All of them have the same instructions: let my wife choose when the masseur should stop. I'll sit and see how she gets a relaxing massage first, naked under his hands, in front of me. Her breasts will be oiled and caressed. He will slowly check if she wants to be masturbated. She will. After a first orgasm and some more relaxing minutes, he'll try to go down on her. I'll grab her hand when she comes in his mouth. Then, some more relaxing minutes, with him naked and hard. He will propose having sex. She'll open her legs and stare me in the eye when he penetrates her and moaning begins. She'll tell me to join, so the both of us make her faint on pleasure with her last orgasm.

She's currently reviewing the pictures, choosing a masseur.