Darkly Dreaming Dearbhla

A Sexual Fantasy

— By j1214

Dearbhla (pronounced: "Dare-vla") was the object of all my affections and a girl of contrasts - her pale skin contrasted with her long dark hair. Her gentle green eyes seemed innocent until you gazed into them and both men and women were hypnotised by her utter beauty. Her dark lipstick on her beautiful lips, that hid away desires she couldn't possibly speak. The way she glided through a room she was like Irish royalty in flowing long dresses and enraptured anyone who meet her was a beautiful sight to behold. We worked together as doctors, she was the most caring and kind woman one could meet. I longed to hold her and kiss her, and when finally the opportunity arose and the gentle passionate embraces of lovers started to ebb she whispered gently into my ear in her dulcet Irish voice ... "I want you to bite me". As the chivalrous Englishman I was I obliged and brushing her hair aside to place my teeth on the skin of her neck, she moaned and reeled in pleasure before grabbing my hair hard looking me in the eye and saying "you're not doing it hard enough".

Gone was the beautiful, butter wouldn't melt innocent and caring angel I had known and in an instant replaced by the commanding and ruthless glutton for both pleasure and pain. " Rough me up" she would demand, "don't play with it, slap it" she would say as I attempted to caress her. She took me from awkward inexperienced man, to being tied to a chair forced to watch her play with herself asking why she needed a man. She demanded to be bound up and to bind me up. She writhed in ecsatcy with every slap of my hand and thrust within her.

We would pass each other on the corridor, she'd look so innocent and unblemished, but I knew the extent of the bite marks she'd demanded I place on her body. She had turned me from a coy englishman into her partner on her sadistic bondage journey... yet as the other guys and girls watched her walk elegantly down the corridor little did they know of the secrets in the mind of the beautiful, darkly dreaming Dearbhla.