Down a dark alley

A Sexual Fantasy

— By chauer

This has not happened to me in the real world. However, I would not be angry should it happen.

While walking down a dark alley on my way home I notice a red door that seems out of place. I am pulled into it via a force I cannot recognize. When I enter I am frisked and a Kato mask is placed upon my face.

As I walk down the hall, I am greeted by numerous masked figures engaging in conversation. One figure pins me down and another placed a cage upon my cock.

I am carried to a room where various figures are engaging in all sorts of sex play. I am placed ass up and tied to the ground. My ass is then tended to by various member s of the crowd until I have an entire fist in me.

I fall asleep from exhaustion and wake the next morning in my bed. My mask is on the pillow next to me.