Dancing in the Dark

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lefty

I love to dance. In particular, I take "private" lessons in ballroom style dance, in a very public studio. My instructors are 2 very beautiful women whom I shall call Anna and Veronica. Veronica has large, very beautiful breasts, big beautiful hips and she loves to be seductive and elusive. Anna is "all arms and legs" very attractive with perky breasts, a very tight body and an "hourglass" figure. They own the studio as a franchise with one other person.

One Friday night somehow it was just the 3 of us. Anna, Veronica and me, Paul. I was dancing the Rumba with Anna. So we do this "sunshine move", where as we are facing each other, the palms of our hands touch, our arms move straight up over our heads and we usually both look upwards to the ceiling above as we move into each other. This time, I looked into her eyes and Anna was looking at my lips. I tilted my head to the left and went for the "kiss". Mind you, this is taboo for a student to be a stud nut with his instructor. And WOW! She's kissing me back! I put my hands on the small of her back and began to feel her delicious hips and tight butt. Anna wrapped her arms around my shoulders and neck and jumped up, wrapping her legs tightly around my waist. This was about to get very interesting.

While we're making out on the dance floor, I feel someone else's warm hands enter, from behind, and move into the space between Anna and me. I feel Veronica's "fun bags" pushing into the back of my chest. Yowza, I feel like my cock is throbbing to break out of my shorts. Anna feels it too and tells Veronica to "pop his shorts and let the guy breathe". Veronica reaches down and deftly pops, unzips and drops my shorts and briefs in one fell swoooop. As Anna lets go of my shoulders, both girls start laughing hysterically, hit the floor and start to pull off their tights. Soon, we're all naked from the waist down. I reach out to each girl and let them pull themselves up off the floor. I look to see that Veronica shaves but Anna is bushy. Nice!

..to be continued..