Dad's Best Friend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Boxberry

I have this fantasy that I come home from college for summer break, and move back in with my family. However we have a spare room in the basement and my dads best friend just got separated from his wife and has no where to go, so he crashes with us for a couple months. I picture us all getting along and having a good time, but me and Jeff shoot each other looks during dinners, across the room, etc. I start to wear less and less around the house, letting my breasts bounce free with out a bra, and it drives him wild. One night when my family leaves just the two of us in the house, I go into the kitchen and he's there. I accidentally spill water on me, exposing my nipples and hardening them for him to see. He looks angry, and accuses me of doing it on purpose. Not the reaction I hoped for. He calls me a cock tease, comes over to me, grabs me by the hair kisses me all over and asks again "you're a good cock tease aren't you", I say "yes", and he says "yes what?", and the words "yes sir" spill from my mouth. I'm now his cock tease and his to punish as he sees fit. He bends me over the sink and tells me to spread my cheeks, trying to degrade me he just turns me on even more. I feel his hot tongue dart into my wet pussy and he eats me out like a pro. He starts to lick my ass, but I try to get away, he then tightens his grip and smacks my ass hard, telling me to stay still. He licks and kisses me, making me want it so bad. His finger begins to press on my asshole, but he doesn't do it. He can feel me pushing back on him, but he wants me to beg for it. "Say it. Say you want my finger in your fucking ass. Just say it baby and I'll do it for you". But I can't bring myself to say it and he just keeps teasing me, finally I lose it and scream it from the top of my lungs, and he says "that's all I wanted to here" and he slowly fingers my ass as he continues to lick my pussy. He makes me cum, and pushes me to my knees, and I suck his huge cock. After that he proceeds to fuck me, and we continue to sneak around