Cunilingus Battle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fidelios

I used to live in Paris, with my Spanish girlfriend. It was our first year living together at the time. We were so active sexually that I didn't know what else should I hope for. Until my girlfriend met this girl, Spanish (from the same place as my girlfriend). She was so interesting and intellectual. She worked as a nurse but she was studying anthropology at university. She was a lesbian. We become closed friends, meeting sometimes for dinner or lunch. We had the same taste in girls and always discussed about girls we saw in the street. So one day during some after dinner drinks, we began arguing over who was better at cunnilingus. My girlfriend accepted the important title of judge. After I lost my battle we continued till late. We slept together and the next morning everything was like before. Still just friends, acting normally.

Ps.My confession is that I planned the whole thing...