A Sexual Fantasy

— By LongTogether

We have been a couple for many years. Our sex is still very fulfilling for both of us. One reason for this is perhaps an agreement that we have made some years ago. That was at a time when our needs for sex did not always harmonize with each other. At the time, I suggested to my husband that we get a day every month, each one of us has the absolute freedom of desire for his sexual needs and is fulfilled by the other without any ifs or buts. These days have now become absolute highlights for us. Yesterday was my day. I want to have a lot of cuddling with several rounds of oral sex and for the harder part I also like to take his cock in my butt. At the end, I am usually still after oral pleasure. Yesterday I wanted to try an oral pleasure, of which I was unclear whether he would like. In the 69 position, we brought each other to the orgasm. I kept his cum in my mouth, slowly turned to him and gave him a cumkiss. At first he was frightened, but then he liked it and we kissed until we had swallowed everything.