Cum my Goddess

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Roxy Foxx

There are fires on the beach with dozens of people dancing around them. Suddenly they start to sing; they are calling the goddess of sex and pleasure to take them over. Because this is the place where enemies go to fall in love, all of the fighting and pain fall away in this magical place. Here there are no rules and no taboos all is pleasure, everyone gives as good as they get.
Suddenly one man is come over by the goddess and falls to the ground and moans in ecstasy and then another, next a woman falls to her knees. All come together in one great orgy no one seems to mind who is touching them or who they touch, it’s all good here.
The next morning people get up, they are all smiles and start to look for their clothes. They help each other out of the sand as they walk off in the sun to their cars.

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