Cuban dancing dream

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ioscar

I'm attending the course of Cuban sensual partner dance. I noticed a nice couple, she is very sexy with near Kim's ass.
Couple has problems in learning steps because of him who is a bit clumsy.

In my imagination I'd propose them to help them practice the steps at their home. They accepted.
We exercised but their steps were mechanical, far away of dance's sensuality. In one moment I got the idea and
proposed them to try to dance naked.

It became funny and from step to step more sensual with more and more close holds. Suddenly I noticed their close holds were erotic movements, from the front and from the back. Finally he took her by the back enjoying her Kim's booty...

So, we finished together a beautiful sensual dance ending in erotic lesson.

Every time I see them on the dance floor with their clumsy problems I remembered my imagination.
But don't have a courage to propose them additional lesson. :(