Crowd Pleaser

A Sexual Fantasy

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I'm a very free and open person, however I like to have sexual relationships with longer partners and don't really favour short relations, but no matter what, the idea of an orgy turns me on. I imagine myself talking to a friend about what we like in bed, and she just happens to tell me about this group that she's a part of. Every so often they invite someone new. She brings me along. It's clear what it is, and I show up in nothing but lingerie and a trench coat. There are tons of people around the house mingling, most already naked. They're waiting, for me. There's a ritual every new invitee must perform. I take off my trench coat and step up to the mock stage set up in the living room, a pole standing in the middle. Everyone stops and they gather around me. My friend prepped me before; I have to dance for them, all of them, and then they'll decide if they want me. I don't know anything about handling a strippers pole. It's abundantly clear how naked I am in front of them, despite the thin lingerie, I have to show them what I've got. I've only ever been with one person before, only had to impress one set of eyes. An invisible string along my spine becomes taut. I wrap one leg around the pole, and dance.