My Crossdressing boyfriend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Axar

Me and my lover have an intense new fantasy/experience. As we start kissing I unclothe him completly and then I wisper to him "take my panties off and wear them". He goes immediately and avidly on to his knees, striping them underneath my skirt. He stands so I can put them on him. I stop on his thighs so I can suck his hard cock and then continue until the panties are firmly between his buttocks (this is when he says "they feel so damn good buried in my ass"). His dick is so hard that it doesn't quite fit in my lacy panties. He loves to dress as a woman, to wear clothes for his female side. I take off my girly, light and very short skirt and tell him to put them on, as I help him climb the high heels that we bought him together. Lately he is always hairless, except for his "designed cunt", as he puts it, so his legs look fantastic underneath my skirt. Next we get his huge bra (that we also bought together), put it on with a lot of sock inside (he loves his breasts big) and my t-shirt. At last, a sit on his lap to do his make up (this is the most intense part for him). Foundation, powder, shadow, eyeliner (cat-style), lots of mascara, blush and red lips. With a touch of perfume and his earrings on, he becomes a beautiful and exotic woman in front of me. I order him to put his hands on the full size mirror so a can lick his asshole. He gets crazed when I leave him all wet for my finger. He starts to cram his ass to me. By that time I'm soaked. So I get my strapless double strap-on and fit the smallest side into my cunt. I stand up and start rubbing my dick on his ass as I pull his hair back and tell him to get on his knees because I want him to suck my cock. I seat down on a chair, my legs spread wide, and he comes kneeling and eagerly swallowing everything, drooling all over it and choking. He licks everything, from my stuffed pussy (my balls) to the tip of my long black dick, as I slap his face lightly and call him "my little bitch". I kiss his red wet swollen lips and then say "I want you on your 4s so I can fuck you, Amanda". He moans at that and immediatly puts his ass in the air, his face on the floor and open is buttocks with both hands saying "come and get your princess, my man". This is the part that I love the most: his beautiful surrender and his trust. I treat him with domination and love at the same measure. He doesn't wait for me to put everything inside, he impales himsef in it and starts fucking. As I start pumping hard in his ass, pulling his hair, slapin his butt and he always asking for more, the strap on wiggles inside me and pressures my clit externally, so I come hard and quickly. I ask him to turn around so I can fuck him as I look at him. He gets a little shy at that point because I can see all of his female side. But as I start moving slowly, I keep telling him "you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, my love". The fucking becames love making and between a lot of kissing and caressing I start masturbating him until we come together.