A Sexual Fantasy

— By spider70

My wife and I are shy, quiet people, and we are friends with another couple who are shy, quiet people. We have small children the same age, so our get-togethers are focused on "regular people" fun. We have a respectful and quiet friendship with this couple. But it is also obvious that all four of us are highly sexual and highly attracted to each other. Yes, each of us, to the other three. The one concession we all make to our true feelings is that, over this summer, we have all been engaged in a game of chicken to see who can wear the least amount of clothing and still be decent. My wife will stay in her bikini top and shorts for extra time after a trip to the pool, for example. The other husband and I will often go topless. None of us wears shoes very often, and it's pretty clear that all four of us have a foot fetish to some degree.

My fantasy is that, one night, with the kids all sound asleep, we all start playing a card game in our backyard. I imagine that bare toes start brushing up against each other under the table, and everyone starts getting turned on, and everyone starts to feel heightened sexual energy. One of the wives jokingly suggests that we switch to strip poker. Everyone laughs but then we all quietly agree. Our apartment building's back yard is not heavily used, but we all feel the thrill of exhibitionism because other people in the building might be looking at us as we start to lose our clothes.

The footsie under the table becomes much more explicit as breasts and chests are revealed, and before long we are all nearly nude and settling our losses with increasingly risque massages, kisses, and touches. Finally a big win by my wife results in the fulfillment of one of her fantasies, watching the other three of us engaged in a bisexual threesome. We then set aside our cards and end the evening with a much longed-for foursome, with the promise of many more to come.