Completely used. Completely loved.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By G R A C E

With one of my previous male partners I used to fantasize about having a threesome with him and another man. I fantasized about him blindfolding me, tying my hands and instructing me to wait silently and patiently as he left the room. I wait and wait until I hear finally someone enter. In the anticipation and ecstasy of the moment I mistakenly assume it is my lover. In fact, it is another man. My lover stands in the corner of the room, watching it all. This mystery man caresses my body with both care and power. Laying on my back he holds my bound hands above my head as he bites and kisses my body down to my practically dripping pussy. He takes me into his mouth and fingers me slowly and deliberately as I start to writhe against him. It's beginning to dawn on me that this is not the man I think it is but I'm too enraptured in pleasure to pay it any mind. He flips me onto all fours and starts to fuck me from behind. He begins to fuck me harder and harder...slapping my ass, pulling my hair, grabbing my throat and I begin to feel like a rag doll. It's at this moment that my blindfold comes off and my lover is there, watching me, somehow with sadistic pleasure and love all in his eyes. I still cannot see the man who is fucking me from behind. My lover kisses my sloppy face and tells me how beautiful I am. "Doesn't it feel good baby? Does he feel good inside you?" He cooes and shushes my wails and slips his cock into my mouth as a way to soothe me. I feel completely used and completely loved. At some point they switch positions so that my lover fucks me from behind me while the other man is in front–thrusting his cock into my mouth. Finally, my lover announces his orgasm and thrusts deeply inside me while cumming in my pussy. The other man, at the same time, cums all over my face. I'm a happy mess. :)