A Sexual Fantasy

— By skirabbit

Compersion: Definition - A feeling of joy when a loved one invests in and takes pleasure from another romantic or sexual relationship.I suffer from compersion. I am married to a beautiful wife - she is so sexy it hurts and nothing would give me more pleasure than to see her pleasured by another man two of us putting her at the centre of our attention.  In my fantasy I search the internet for the perfect guy and I brief him on all my wife's turn ons. Then I take her with me on a business trip. I arrange for us to go to dinner. An hour or so before I text her saying I am running late and that I will meet her in the hotel bar. She should go down and get a drink. The guy I have picked out, smartly dressed and very suave, starts chatting to her at the bar. Using the information I have given him he is able to be charming. I am watching from nearby. I text her again saying traffic is bad and that I will be even later. She tells the guy and he offers to buy her some champagne and caviar while she waits (my wife loves both). I watch him flirt and flatter her. I arrive. By this time my wife is a bit tipsy. She explains that the gentlemen has been looking after her since I was so late. I say to her we should thank him by buying him dinner and I invite him to join us. First we have to swing by our room so I can drop off my brief case. Going up in the lift both of us start to caress her. I can see she is enjoying it. We get to our room and the suave man comes in with us. We start touching my wife and taking turns at kissing her. We gently push her down on the bed and I order her to put her arms up and not to move. Then the two of us stroke her and kiss her - running our hands all over her sexy body. Teasing her, pulling out her breasts from her sexy dress, sucking her nipples. She starts to moan and squirm. But she can not resist and we make passionate love to her.