You should come more often

A Sexual Fantasy

— By BassD

I have this fantasy about my girlfriend going out without me. I am already in bed, almost sleeping, when she comes home. She would have had a nice evening with dancing and drinks and good mood. When she opens the door of the flat, she is not alone. She brought that really lovely girl with her. I hear them giggling and being in a good mood. They enter our bedroom and she tells the girl: look, thats my boyfriend. The girl obviously likes what she is seeing and just says "Hi" with a really pretty voice. Then my girlfriend undresses my pants and shows her my cock that is growing, and again the girl likes what she sees. My girlfriend tells the girl that she can kiss it. She does it, and is really gentle and tender. My girlfriend gets extremely aroused by seeing this and joins her and they kiss gently every time their mouths reach the top of my hard penis. Then, my girlfriend licks and kisses the girls pussy while she is still sucking on my penis. The girl comes with my penis in her mouth and i am also aroused now in a way I never experienced before. My girlfriend tells the girl to sit on my cock and while the girl rides me slowly, my girlfriend kisses her breasts and body, and my mouth and body, and then touches herself while watching us. Me and my girlfriend both come simultaneously in a heavy explosion. Both girls lying on my breast, we fall asleep.