College is for experimenting!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TommyB

First days in college and I didn't know many people, I was alone, away from my home, friends and family, every beginning is tough. I was going to classes i met with other students but i really haven't made any close friends at that time. Of course there was a girl that I liked, but she had a boyfriend. We spent time together in the campus, she was a very fun and cool person, very open minded and that was what I liked more about her. One day we were eating lunch when her boyfriend arrived, she introduced us and he sat with us to eat and hang out. He was a cool dude too and they had a great relationship. The next day I got a text from her saying that we had a great time hanging out and they invited me to join them for a dinner at their place. So i accepted and brought a bottle of wine. We ate, drank, talked and laughed. Then while we were chilling, they started to make out in front of me, he put his hand under her skirt and played with her pussy, while kissing her neck. All the while she was staring at me and after a few seconds she waved at me to come closer. I approached her, and she started kissing me,  until we were both kissing her neck and lips while touching her gorgeous body. We took off almost all of our clothes and she began touching our cocks, sliding them into her mouth, our cocks touching when she took both of us in her mouth -  it was a pretty good feeling. Then her boyfriend moved down her, giving her oral while she was kissing me. They started having sex with her straddling him, and I was behind her kissing her and feeling her breasts. Then she said she was ready to finish and she wanted one of us to lick her pussy and the other one to lick her asshole at the same time, so we did and she came, hard. We kissed each other all over while we were spooning her, and then I came over her ass, and her boyfriend simultaneously came on her breasts. She kissed us again and we hugged, and then we got up and drank more wine.