Club with horny men.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ula

I have a lot of fantasies when I play with myself but this is my favorite one.

I come to a club with nice music. It is pretty dark inside. There are low tables with deep, soft club chairs. Some people are dancing, others are sitting and talking, It is rather intimate atmosphere.

I'm wearing high-heeled shoes and a short skirt. My skirt is so short that it is easy to find out I'm wearing no panties. That turns me on.

I go to the bar and order a drink and start watching men standing by the bar. One of them draws my attention more than the others. I make eye contact with him and smile encouragingly. He comes to me and we start chatting.

Suddenly I feel his arm on my waist. He is touching my waist, and after a while his hand is going lower, right under my skirt. A moment later, since I don't shy away, he starts touching my wet pussy. I feel his finger making small circles, first outside then inside me. It makes me more hot.

With my approval, he stands behind me and takes his beautiful, hard dick out. My skirt is so short that he doesn't have to raise it to be able to put easily his big dick into my dripping pussy.

I'm talking to the bartender (I order another drink for myself) while he fucks me. I notice that there is another couple making sex at the other end of the bar. I also see that two men at the bar can can see what I'm doing and are observing me.

After a moment one of them comes to me. I can see he is very horny and we start kissing. He is kissing me while the second guy is fucking. Finally the second man replaces the first one who has just came inside me. His dick slips into my open pussy and he starts fucking me from behind.

A woman comes to us and starts making love with the third man who was observing me together with the one who is fucking me now. I have inspired her. They are very close to us. We both are doing it in the same manner. My and her bodies are rested on the counter while we both are being fucked from behind.

The girl is so close to me. I start kissing her with passion. The whole situation is so hot and I finally forget where I ma. I can't help myself from groaning with pleasure.

This way we attract the rest of the people in the club that didn't know about us earlier. More and more aroused men are observing what we are doing. I smile to them and dare them to come closer and play with me. From this moment once one man finishes in my pussy, a new one is already waiting to replace him and fuck me from behind. One by one, all comes in me. When I feel that it is the time, I turn back my head and kiss the guy who is currently inside me. I have my last, huge orgasm while kissing him hard. The same happens to the couple next to us. I am done.